sheep shearingFarmers Income Protection Keeps Your Farm Running

For farmers, there’s no calling in sick or taking time off without planning ahead. Your livestock or crops need attention 24/7/365 so you can make a living. Another key component to growing a successful farm business is farmers income protection. It gives you the financial security you need when you’re unable to work the land.

Keep Your Farm Running

Illness and injuries are a part of life. But when you’re tending a farm, they can get in the way of making a living. Just one serious illness or injury could impact your finances significantly, unless you are properly insured.

Many farmers protect themselves with farmers income protection insurance. It pays you a monthly benefit whenever you need to take time away from your farm due to illness or an injury.

With the monthly benefit, you can hire a contractor to perform your farming duties until you are able to return to work. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your farm is still operating while you recuperate.

Farmers Insurance Options

Farmers income protection policies vary among insurance companies. For example, some insurers determine your monthly benefit based on your farm’s turnover, while others may have a maximum benefit amount based on your income. Some policies include additional coverage, such as a recurring disability benefit, an overseas disability benefit and a business security benefit.

A good way to learn more about your farmers income protection choices is to do a coverage and premium comparison. Such a comparison allows you to compare the different policies side-by-side, including their benefits and rates. Then you can choose the best one that meets your coverage needs and your budget.

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With farmers income protection, your farm will keep producing while you recover from your injury or illness. It’s a good farming tool for growing your financial security now and in the future, no sunlight, watering, or feeding required!


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